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InteliLiteNT MRS 19
Manual Remote Start (MRS) Gen-set Controller

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  • Compact gen-set controller for single operating genset
  • Manual and remote start (MRS) applications
  • Full gen-set monitoring and protection
  • Outstanding EFI engine support with diagnostic messages in plain text via J1939
  • Detailed RTC event and performance log
  • Multiple languages (user changeable) in controller, even more in installation suite
  • Plug-in and CAN bus extension modules capability
  • WebSupervisor, AirGate and LOCATE support*
  • Automatic SMS on alarm or event & gen-set control over SMS*
  • On-line control and monitoring over web pages (embedded web server) via plug & play IB-Lite
  • Optional GSM/GPRS modem/wireless Internet via IL-NT GPRS
  • Fuel theft protection and Total fuel consumption monitoring
  • Alternative switchable configuration
  • 6 LED diodes indicating gen-set status
  • Automatic GCB control
  • Magnetic pickup input
  • D+ preexcitation terminal
  • True RMS measurement
  • 3 phase power measurement
  • 3 configurable analog inputs
  • 7 binary inputs
  • 7 binary outputs
  • UL/ULC approved
  • Meets US standards and sold by ComAp LLC

 * Plug-in module required


    InteliLite NT MRS 19 Leaflet PDF 854.46 kB Flag of English 22.07.10
    Product Overview PDF 4.65 MB Flag of Portugese 14.10.14
    Perfect solutions for rentals PDF 3.72 MB Flag of English 10.02.14
    Product Overview PDF 5.00 MB Flag of German 24.02.14
    Product Overview PDF 5.32 MB Flag of Spanish 24.02.14
    Product Overview PDF 5.30 MB Flag of French 24.02.14
    Make Your Equipment Less Remote PDF 2.46 MB Flag of English 01.08.12
    Product Overview PDF 5.19 MB Flag of English 05.02.14
    Product Guide - Power Generation Controllers PDF 26.22 MB Flag of English 24.05.13
    Make Your Equipment Less Remote PDF 2.44 MB Flag of Russian 03.04.13
    Product Overview PDF 4.94 MB Flag of Chinese 14.04.14
    Product Overview PDF 8.96 MB Flag of Arabic 21.06.13


    Start Here: Standard products PDF 806.49 kB Flag of English 27.03.15
    IL-NT-2.2 New Features PDF 2.17 MB Flag of English 25.09.14
    InteliMonitor 3.0.3 New Features PDF 735.26 kB Flag of English 10.12.13
    InteliMonitor 3.0 Reference Guide PDF 3.53 MB Flag of English 27.06.13
    LiteEdit 5.0.0 New Features PDF 279.88 kB Flag of English 07.08.14
    IL-NT MRS 2.1 Reference Guide PDF 3.71 MB Flag of English 01.11.12
    IL-NT MRS19 VAutodetect 1.0 Reference Guide PDF 1.32 MB Flag of English 25.03.08
    IL-NT-VAutodetect 1.4 New Features PDF 314.88 kB Flag of English 27.08.10
    ComAp Electronic Engines Support 05-2013 PDF 6.12 MB Flag of English 27.05.13
    ECU List 5.8 New Features PDF 157.87 kB Flag of English 27.05.13
    Accessory Modules for IL-NT, IC-NT, IA-NT and ID-Lite PDF 2.31 MB Flag of English 31.03.11
    IL-NT, IA-NT, IC-NT Communication Guide 12-2009-r1 PDF 6.08 MB Flag of English 11.12.09
    IL-NT 2.2 Install Suite Contents PDF 76.60 kB Flag of English 03.10.14
    Controller Battery Exchange Process PDF 1.40 MB Flag of English 08.08.08

Software and Firmware

    IL-NT 2.2 Installation Suite EXE 44.91 MB Flag of English 03.10.14
    IL-NT-2.2 IWE 5.95 MB Flag of English 25.09.14
    ECU List 5.8 for InteliLite NT, InteliCompact NT, InteliDrive Lite IWE 2.49 MB Flag of English 27.05.13
    ComAp PC Suite Installation Packages Contents XLS 166.50 kB Flag of English 16.03.15

ComAp Library

For advanced users a range of files and videos are available here.


    InteliLite NT Conformity Declaration PDF 225.03 kB Flag of English 13.07.10
    InteliLite NT UR E10 Conformity Declaration PDF 182.31 kB Flag of English 01.08.13