ComAp Club

Continuous Monitoring of Single & Multiple IG/IS Controllers

Quick downloads
  • Stores measured values and history data from all controllers on the site
  • Direct, modem or internet on-line connection
  • Adjustable logging period
  • Automatic EXCEL or CSV data files storing procedure
  • Makes charts of measured (on-line) or stored (off-line) values



    IGS-LOG 3.4.2 New Features PDF 194.76 kB Flag of English 16.05.11
    IGS-LOG 3.4.3 New Features PDF 86.45 kB Flag of English 21.12.15
    IGS-LOG 3.4.2 Install Suite Contents PDF 109.65 kB Flag of English 22.05.14
    IGS-LOG 3.0 Reference Guide PDF 330.37 kB Flag of English 18.02.09

Software and Firmware

    ComAp PC Suite Installation Packages Contents XLS 203.50 kB Flag of English 06.02.17
    IGS-LOG 3.4.2 Installation Suite EXE 19.62 MB Flag of English 22.05.14


    AR_Evolving fast PDF 216.14 kB Flag of English 21.07.06