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Software Tool for I-CB Configuration

Quick downloads
  • For creating and modification of configuration tables for I-CB
  • Enables selecting of values from predefined databases
  • Configuration available via RS232
  • Windows98/NT/2000 based software



    I-CB/CAT Leaflet PDF 1.72 MB Flag of English 15.09.15
    I-CB/MTU Leaflet PDF 1.72 MB Flag of English 02.02.05


    I-CB-ICBEdit 1.3 New Features PDF 207.81 kB Flag of English 06.10.10
    I-CB-ICBedit 1.4.0 Reference guide PDF 7.34 MB Flag of English 19.06.15
    I-CB-ICBEdit 1.4.0 New Features PDF 422.79 kB Flag of English 16.05.14
    ICBEdit 1.4.0 Install Suite Contents PDF 71.80 kB Flag of English 29.05.14

Software and Firmware

    ICBEdit 1.4.0 Installation Package EXE 2.44 MB Flag of English 29.05.14
    ComAp PC Suite Installation Packages Contents XLS 200.00 kB Flag of English 05.10.16