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H-System MultiKit
Simulator of Multiple Gen-set Applications in a 2-Mains System

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  • Switchboard for testing the most advanced gen-set applications in InteliSys NT / InteliGen NT controllers used in a 2-mains system separated by bus-tie breaker 
  • Contains 2 InteliGen NT, 3 InteliMains NT, 2 InteliSys NTC BaseBox, 2 InteliVision 8 displays. Engine and Mains simulators
  • Allows simulation of 2 mains systems, mains parallel and island parallel operations
  • Available features include: bus-tie operations, logical groups and load change simulaton
  • Shared connection to all controllers via built-in I-LB (for PC monitoring)

Please note: A maximum of 3 H-System MultiKits can be purchased per order


    InteliMonitor 3.1.2 New Features PDF 105.81 kB Flag of English 14.12.15

Software and Firmware

    IGS-NT 3.3.0 Installation Suite (Expert) EXE 146.62 MB Flag of English 09.05.16