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PC Tool for InteliDrive Controllers Configuration

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DriveConfig is Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 based software which provides following main functions:

  • Modify the controller configuration - i.e. define peripherial modules, assign functions and/or protections to inputs and outputs, create PLC program and other.
  • Controller firmware upgrade
  • Adjust initial values of setpoints
  • Read/write configuration from/into the controller
  • Load configuration from file, save it to file

DriveConfig 2.0 and higher contains the powerful graphic editor for user-friedly creating the PLC program.

DriveConfig 3.1 and higher contains ScreenEditor, that allows you to personalise the interface on colour displays by managing screen type, selecting instruments and creating backgrounds from a toolbox of graphical elements.


    Product Guide - Associated Control Products PDF 23.50 MB Flag of English 25.05.15
    PLC Editor - Product News PDF 785.27 kB Flag of English 03.08.10


    DriveConfig 3.3 Reference Guide PDF 3.01 MB Flag of English 19.11.13
    DriveConfig 3.6.0 New Features PDF 191.10 kB Flag of English 08.12.16
    InteliDrive 3.6.0 Install Suite Contents PDF 243.45 kB Flag of English 02.02.16
    DriveConfig 2.2 Reference Guide PDF 2.21 MB Flag of Czech 26.06.08

Software and Firmware

    InteliDrive 3.6.0 Install Suite (Expert) EXE 66.10 MB Flag of English 02.02.16
    ComAp PC Suite Installation Packages Contents XLS 203.50 kB Flag of English 06.02.17
    ECU List 6.4.1 for InteliDrive IDC 7.81 MB Flag of English 17.01.17