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PLC Monitor
PLC Monitoring Tool

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  • Big progress in online PLC support within ComAp IGS-NT family controllers
  • Significantly saves time during commissioning – provides overview of all current PLC values
  • Besides PLC Editor which allows to compose PLC program we can now offer online presentation of actual PLC data
  • Intuitive operation and easily visible signals
  • Graphics consistent with PLC Editor
  • Zoom functions for optimized reading


PLC Monitor supports following controllers:

  • InteliGen NT
  • InteliSys NT
  • InteliMains NT
  • InteliDrive DCU
  • InteliDrive Mobile


  • PLC Monitor is a part of InteliMonitor. For activation go to InteliMonitor > Help > Activate PLC Monitor

To activate PLC Monitor Full version is easy.


    InteliDrive 3.6.0 Install Suite Contents PDF 243.45 kB Flag of English 02.02.16
    InteliMonitor 3.1.2 New Features PDF 105.81 kB Flag of English 14.12.15

Software and Firmware

    InteliDrive 3.6.0 Install Suite (Expert) EXE 66.10 MB Flag of English 02.02.16