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InteliNanoNT Plus
Supreme model from InteliNano NT family. AMF and MRS controller with current measurement and support of EFI engine.

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  • AMF and MRS controller in one model
  • 1/3 Phase generator voltage measurement (3/3 phase when used as MRS controller)
  • 1 Phase generator current measurement
  • 3 Phase mains voltage measurement
  • Connection type and voltage auto detect
  • Various generator and engine protections
  • Biggest LCD screen in its class
  • Icon menu, no text
  • Automatic or manual MCB and GCB control
  • "Zero" power consumption mode
  • Battery voltage, Service time and Running hours indication
  • All setpoints and I/O's configurable via front panel
  • Ability to catch up on running engine (for manual engine start)
  • Light Tower mode supported
  • Event log (10 events)
  • Up to 3 analog inputs (shared with binary inputs)
  • COM terminal for analog measurement
  • Up to 6 binary inputs (1 binary input is shared with binary output)
  • 2 high side - high current outputs
  • 4 high side binary outputs
  • D+ pre-excitation terminal
  • ECU support (CAN J1939) 
  • USB one-cord power supply and programing
  • License free PC configuration software (NanoEdit)
  • Standard cut-out dimension 96x96
  • Outside dimension 110x100
  • IP 65
  • UL certification pending


    InteliNano NT Leaflet PDF 1.61 MB Flag of English 15.01.14
    Single Gen-set Control Solutions PDF 6.55 MB Flag of English 29.02.16
    Single Gen-set Control Solutions PDF 5.38 MB Flag of Chinese 24.05.16
    Product Overview PDF 4.65 MB Flag of Portugese 14.10.14
    Perfect solutions for rentals PDF 3.72 MB Flag of English 10.02.14
    Product Overview PDF 5.00 MB Flag of German 24.02.14
    Product Overview PDF 5.32 MB Flag of Spanish 24.02.14
    Product Overview PDF 5.30 MB Flag of French 24.02.14
    Control Solutions Overview PDF 6.07 MB Flag of English 16.05.16
    Product Guide - Power Generation Controllers PDF 23.68 MB Flag of English 25.05.15
    Control Solutions Overview PDF 7.10 MB Flag of Chinese 24.05.16
    Product Overview PDF 8.96 MB Flag of Arabic 21.06.13


    InteliNano NT Plus 2.0.1.x Reference Guide PDF 2.50 MB Flag of English 24.07.15
    InteliNano NT Plus 2.2.0 New Features PDF 258.36 kB Flag of English 01.07.16
    InteliNano NT Install Suite Contents PDF 159.43 kB Flag of English 30.06.16
    NanoEdit 2.0.2 New Features PDF 603.90 kB Flag of English 22.09.15
    InteliNano NT Operator Guide PDF 608.57 kB Flag of English 28.02.12
    InteliNano NT Plus 1.5 Reference Guide PDF 2.56 MB Flag of French 13.06.14
    InteliNano NT Plus 1.5 Fast User Guide PDF 280.45 kB Flag of German 23.02.14
    Electronic Engines Support 04-2016 PDF 3.94 MB Flag of English 17.05.16
    InteliNano NT 1.6 New Features PDF 249.79 kB Flag of English 28.08.14
    InteliNano NT Plus AutoCAD Drawings ZIP 34.70 kB Flag of English 03.05.13
    InteliNano NT Plus 1.5 Fast User Guide PDF 635.40 kB Flag of English 21.11.13

Software and Firmware

    InteliNano Installation Suite EXE 22.96 MB Flag of English 30.06.16
    ECU List 6.4.0 for InteliNano NT NCA 7.64 MB Flag of English 22.04.16
    InteliNano NT Plus 1.6 Installation Package NCA 159.81 kB Flag of English 28.08.14


    RoHS Conformity Declaration PDF 598.96 kB Flag of English 01.06.16
    InteliNano NT Plus Conformity Declaration PDF 592.12 kB Flag of English 01.06.16