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Ground Power Unit (GPU)

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  • For land aircraft gen-sets operating at 400Hz frequency
  • Synchronizing and power management functions
  • Multi-Island operation
  • Based on standard MINT application
  • Extended operation temperature range
  • Incorporates latest features of InteliGen NT BaseBox controller
  • Extended communication options providing easy monitoring and supervision of the units using WebSupervisor
  • Split design for installation cost reduction
  • Support of a wide range of ECUs (J1939, Modbus etc.)

 Replaced with new design; we recommend using InteliGen NTC BaseBox 400Hz instead.


    Make Your Equipment Less Remote PDF 2.46 MB Flag of English 01.08.12
    InteliMonitor - Line Diagram Editor Leaflet PDF 525.32 kB Flag of English 31.05.11
    Product Guide - Power Generation Controllers PDF 23.68 MB Flag of English 25.05.15


    IG-NT 400Hz 1.6.1 New Features PDF 128.20 kB Flag of English 14.12.15
    IGS-NT-MINT 2.6 Reference Guide PDF 1.53 MB Flag of French 24.01.13
    IGS-NT 2.6 Installation Guide PDF 5.62 MB Flag of German 22.03.13
    GenConfig 3.0.2 New Features PDF 92.30 kB Flag of English 16.10.14
    GenConfig 3.0 Reference Guide PDF 4.07 MB Flag of English 27.06.13
    IGS-NT Application Guide 07-2014 PDF 3.61 MB Flag of German 24.07.14
    IGS-NT-Installation Guide 05-2013r2 PDF 7.05 MB Flag of German 10.09.14
    IGS-NT Installation Guide 08-2014 PDF 7.14 MB Flag of Spanish 05.02.15
    IGS-NT 2.6 Installation Guide PDF 5.32 MB Flag of French 14.09.12
    IGS-NT Application Guide 05-2013 PDF 2.98 MB Flag of English 28.06.13
    IGS-NT Installation Guide 08-2014 PDF 6.13 MB Flag of English 08.10.14
    IGS-NT Troubleshooting Guide 08-2014 PDF 1.18 MB Flag of English 07.10.14
    GenConfig 2.6 Reference Guide PDF 3.24 MB Flag of English 14.11.11
    GenConfig 2.6.4 New Features PDF 499.58 kB Flag of English 09.08.12
    IGS-NT 3.3.0 Install Suite Contents PDF 191.97 kB Flag of English 09.05.16
    InteliMonitor 2.7 Reference Guide PDF 2.43 MB Flag of English 08.11.11
    GenConfig 2.3 Reference Guide PDF 1.71 MB Flag of Czech 26.06.08

Software and Firmware

    IG-NT-400Hz 1.6.1 IGC 7.64 MB Flag of English 13.05.15
    ComAp PC Suite Installation Packages Contents XLS 192.00 kB Flag of English 09.05.16
    IGS-NT 3.3.0 Installation Suite (Expert) EXE 146.62 MB Flag of English 09.05.16


    InteliGen NT400Hz Conformity Declaration PDF 225.23 kB Flag of English 01.07.15
    InteliGen NT400Hz Conformity Declaration PDF 225.01 kB Flag of English 01.08.13
    InteliGen NT Conformity Declaration PDF 225.17 kB Flag of English 01.04.14