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IB-NT Config
Configuration Tool for InternetBridge-NT

Quick downloads
Configuration software for InternetBridge-NT
  • Connection to the InternetBridge-NT via USB or Internet/Ethernet
  • AirGate supported
  • Configuration and adjustment
  • Displaying status and operational info
  • Firmware update
  • Customer logo upload
  • MS Windows XP, Vista, Seven (32/64bit)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1


    InternetBridge-NT 2.4.0 Global Guide PDF 1.75 MB Flag of English 25.02.16
    InternetBridge-NT 2.0 Reference Guide PDF 1.36 MB Flag of French 24.07.13
    IB-NT Config 1.6.0 Installation Suite Contents PDF 188.05 kB Flag of English 05.10.16

Software and Firmware

    IB-NT Config 1.6.0 Installation Suite EXE 5.42 MB Flag of English 05.10.16