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Products throughout the website are divided into main product categories which reflect their general application and sub-categories which indicate product options. Each category is colour-coded to make them easier to identify and also help you cross-reference products throughout the whole site. Alternatively, you can use the Product Index, which gives you a complete list of all ComAp products, indexed alphabetically and by product category.

Gen-set controllers

The ComAp ‘New Technology’ family is a comprehensive range of configurable Gen-set controllers suitable for managing simple ...

Generator controllers

GeCon controllers provide comprehensive generator protection and control for single or multiple gen-sets based on field proven InteliGen NT ...

ATS controllers

The ComAp ATS control products are designed to monitor the AC mains supply for under / over voltage, under / over frequency and voltage ...

Mains protections

A family of mains protection modules that provide the necessary protection requirements for applications where generators operate in parallel.

Engine controllers

The ComAp family of engine controllers offers innovative and universal system integration for a wide range of engine driven platforms...

Bi-fuel products

ComAp, a market leader in engine control solutions, have developed an easy to fit bi-fuel management package including a range of InteliBifuel ...


The comprehensive family of extension modules and control accessories enable users to custom design control ...

PC tools

ComAp dedicated PC software and configuration tools ensure operating and monitoring generator and engine controllers is both easy ...

Battery chargers

Intelligent battery chargers to complement your ComAp controller application.

Electronic potentiometers

A choice of proven and reliable microprocessor controlled devices designed for control and regulation systems.

Speed governors

Digital speed governors for gas and diesel engines.

If you are unable to find the product in any of the above listed product categories it is possible that the product has been replaced by new design.