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Reduce your maintenance costs with InteliDrive 01.11.2011

The InteliDrive range of products is a family of powerful engine controllers all of which feature outstanding control, monitoring and protection for diesel and gas engines for use in many different industries and environments. The entire range of InteliDrive controllers (Lite, DCU, Mobile) has the potential to save your company money on maintenance costs and even extend the working life of the engine itself. State of the art technology combined with innovative communications solutions – together giving you superior monitoring and control.

InteliDrive controllers enables users to monitor fuel levels, engine temperature, oil pressure, run speeds and many other essential parameters. This can allow users to make sure that the engine is running in the most efficient manner, and at optimum output levels (this is especially important in engines that spend time in stand-by).  Importantly, the controller will also prevent the engine from starting until the required parameters and engine settings are met. This is essential because of the risk of serious damage to the engine if, for example, the engine is low in oil.

The controller will also send alerts to users (via SMS or email) when regular maintenance is scheduled or required. Control and monitoring of the InteliDrive units is available through various means dependent on the application, including Ethernet and via SIM card modem. ComAp’s AirGate and WebSupervisor even allow control of the InteliDrive via the Internet using a personal computer, tablet or even smart-phone, reducing the need and expense of having staff visit the site.

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