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MainsPro – The new mains decoupling relay from ComAp 23.06.2010

If you’re generating power in parallel to the mains, then ComAp MainsPro is the protection solution for you.

The unit replaces the earlier NPU-FUV product and incorporates a number of advanced and additional features to prevent the supply of electricity to an islanded grid. The new model incorporates true RMS measurement for increased accuracy, combines vector shift and rate of change of frequency (ROCOF) protections in one unit and records last trip information about failure events.

MainsPro is designed to make integration simple and user operation intuitive. The unit fully complies with the Utilities’ connection requirements and statutory codes like G59/2, offering a high level of protection and safety when working in parallel to the mains.

Key benefits

  • Flexible supply voltage and measurement range
  • Simple to use interface with easy setting of values
  • Compact design allows installation into restricted spaces

More information about the product:
MainsPro Datasheet

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