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InteliDrive Nano - small engine controller for pumps and compressors 01.03.2012

Now you can control small applications with the engine and the pump, compressor or other driven machine simply by one controller – InteliDrive Nano.

The new member of ComAp engine controllers is small size, cost effective and powerful one. It operates in manual or automatic mode as efficient engine control, monitoring and protection device.

  • Simple engine control unit for constant or variable speed engine applications
  • Intuitive graphical display pure with pictograms: no text, no translation
  • CAN J1939 EFI engines interface
  • Manual or Automatic engine Start / Stop by controller buttons or external switch
  • Automatic engine RPM control driven by e.g. pressure loop
  • Configuration by the controller buttons or PC DriveEdit tool over USB interface

Irrigation is typical application where InteliDrive Nano can be used. Get more information about the controller in datasheet or contact directly ComAp specialists.