ComAp Club


An integral part of ComAp’s company culture is social responsibility and a belief that one of the basic principles of a healthy democratic society is the ability and will of its members to share their financial resources with groups that need special attention and care. We want to share and actively help others too, as money is not a goal, but a means. We are lucky that our economic results allow us to provide our sponsorship absolutely selflessly, without any claim for reciprocation. Publishing our philanthropic deeds is just another form of promotion of the supported programmes and organisations and hopefully also a way of inspiring other donors. Provided the character of the sponsored project or organisation so allows, we prefer to enter into long-term relationships that assure greater financial stability and enable distribution of the funded activities over a longer period of time, as opposed to one-time donations.

We provide long-term committed funding to the following organisations:

Prague Wheelchair Sports Club

The main focus of the club, which adheres to the motto: “Our life is in motion, just like yours”, is an organisation of sports events/camps for its members and their families. It also supports its members who participate in local and international sports events where the greatest financial burden is connected with the cost of special sports equipment and attendance of personal assistants, vital for each wheelchair sportsman. The club also educates new wheelchair users about their options of pursuing sports activities and helps them get involved in the club life. Prague Wheelchair Sports Club consists of seven divisions which run the following sports: floorball, skiing, dancing, diving, table tennis, orienteering and outdoor sports such as wheelchair biking and water sports.


Hospice Civic Associations The Homecoming

The hospice civic association The Homecoming provides expert care to terminally ill persons and their carers. It also seeks to contribute to the social and legislative changes that will improve the provided care for dying people in the Czech Republic. The Homecoming operates a Mobile Hospice in Prague, provides expert advisory to care givers either in person, over the phone or by e-mail, organises palliative care in the patient’s home, arranges for expensive medical equipment rental to make taking care of the terminally ill and dying persons at home a lot easier, runs a palliative library and a publishing house, organises vocational trainings, hosts a club Early Evening and a website Memories for the bereaved persons.

The St. Charles Borromeo Nursing Home

The St. Charles Borromeo Nursing Home offers comprehensive psychological, social, and medical care to chronically ill and disabled elderly people living at the home or attending the day-care centre run by the nursing home. At the same time, it provides female convicts with job opportunities and allows them to serve their time in a meaningful way. A bit unorthodox, but proven cooperation and coexistence of such different worlds as the world of ill people, convicts, civil staff and the Borromean Sisters forms at this home a versatile platform of life circumstances, believes and opinion pools, providing ample space for tolerance and service as was the planned goal at the time of its establishment in mid 19th century.

 Nation to Children Foundation – Project My New Life

Nation to Children Foundation’s project My New Life originated with a thesis that the admittance of a child patient to the department of paediatric oncology is a start of a new life – a life full of uncertainties, limitations, sadness, pain, but also cheerful moments, new relationships and learning. The original goal of the project was to introduce the child patients as normal children with unbelievably strong will and determination to get better, ready to enjoy life to its fullest - to enhance the public awareness of the issue and change the detached attitude of our society to oncologic paediatric patients and their families. Currently, the project helps promote the achievements in the paediatric oncology and haematology field as greater acceptance dramatically improves the patient’s psychic and accelerates their healing process.

Community Centre Butterfly

The centre was originally established with the goal to fight against prejudice, intolerance and reservations in our society and thus help kids with a handicap and their families get more involved through social activities and services such as canis therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, art therapy, speech therapy, and programmes of various afternoon clubs – e.g. pottery or swimming that allow children with a handicap to spend their free time in an enjoyable way and gain the necessary skills to be able to interact with their healthy peers. Over time, parents with small children (even without handicaps), parents on maternity or paternity leave and kids and juveniles from socially endangering environments found refuge and a place for spending their free time at the centre. 

Rozum a cit

Main goals of the Rozum a cit (Sense and Sensibility) endowment fund include securing a happy life for abandoned children inside families and universal support of foster care. Activities of the organization cover financial and material help to foster parents, regular meeting of foster families and a contact line that secures immediate help in crisis situations. For 17 years has the endowment fund been helping abandoned children and foster families, because they are the only chance for many children from orphanages to spend their childhood and teen years in a family care. Abandoned children need safety, because their emotional bond to another person is developing from early age, and that's the most important contribution for the future of these children. 

Cestou necestou

Family crisis center Cestou necestou (Road or No Road) in Prague helps mistreated, abused and neglected children to find their happy childhood. Children are often jeopardized by their closest, but also by inflicting harm on themselves or others. The organization works with the families to spot the reasons of problems and resolve them. It focuses on improving badly damaged relations, parenting skills or personal setting of family members. The foundation works with families through psychoterapeutic consulting and field social work. If the threat is solemn, it continuously monitors the situation and searches for the best solution for the child. By resolving dangerous conduct early, the child is prevented from being placed in an orphanage and made possible to be returned to a family.

In previous years, we committed to funding the following projects:

ADRA Foundation – Project BanglaKids

 The BanglaKids Program is a project focusing through education on continuous support and improvement in the lives of underprivileged children and young people in Bangladesh, where almost half of the population lives under the poverty line and about the same percentage is illiterate. The Program provides education, food and medical care to students, organises regular trainings for teachers, funds reconstruction projects on school premises and improves clean drinking water sources at the supported schools. The long-term objective of the Program is to teach the schools and local communities how to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on external help. As education broadens horizons and provides new opportunities, it is one of the best long-term weapons against poverty.

 Civic Association MIRET – International Initiative for Development of Ethnic Art

 The Romani civic association MIRET is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting improved conditions for humane education, cultural and artistic activities and endorsement of creative opportunities for the Roma minority. It helps its members integrate into public life in the Czech Republic, and vice versa, aids the public majority to better understand and open themselves up to the Roma community. MIRET supports young Roma artists, children and youth, their general and language education, but mainly their artistic development and creativity to assure their social and cultural traditions are preserved. MIRET helps them rediscover their own identity and offers them job opportunities in their field of choice and interest.


Riding Club ORION - Hypo Therapy

Since 1991, the riding club Orion has been providing the hypo therapy cure method for children with cerebral palsy, and adults with multiple sclerosis. During the last two years, visually impaired children attending the Jaroslav Ježek’s specialised school have also become part of the programme. Hypo therapy is offered by the club’s qualified staff, including a physiotherapist, riding trainers with special hypo therapy endorsements and their assistants, based on a doctor’s recommendation. The programme is endorsed by the Czech hypo rehabilitation society. The four horses used for hypo therapy have passed specialised training. Clients pay less than half of the costs - the rest is funded by grants, donations and through sponsorship activities.

Domov a Centrum aktivity

Allowance organization Domov a Centrum aktivity (Home and Activity Center) helps people with disabilities to integrate into society more easily. Great emphasis is placed on individual approach to clients and development of skills and abilities that can be used later in the practical life. The organization encompasses the home for people with disabilities and a need for constant assistance. Another important parts of the services are barrier-free apartments and workshops, where clients can spend time doing creative work. Products from the workshops include woven carpets and baskets or ceramic products.