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Combined heat and power (CHP) - cogeneration


  • CHP (also known as cogeneration) is the most efficient way of using fossil or renewable fuel.
  • It provides output of power (3 phase electricity) and heat (hot water), which is recovered from the cooling system and flue gases.
  • The overall power and heat consumption of the application can be covered by the CHP system. Export of energy or heat is also possible.
  • All analog and binary signals both from the engine and from the auxiliary systems are measured by InteliSys NTC BaseBox and its accessory modules.
  • Complete control of auxiliary technologies is done by built-in PLC module.
  • All data measured from auxiliary equipment are stored in a history file.
  • Remote control and monitoring is available.
  • Only the most important Analog Inputs / Outputs and Binary Inputs / Outputs connections are drawn.

Scope of supply:


References below are based upon typical applications but may differ due to specific project requirements.