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ComAp has been involved with the mining industry from our very beginning. Our range of power control products are the international standard when it comes to mining. Many of our products are IP certified for use in dusty or wet environments, and we have products designed specifically for the demanding applications common to the mining industry.

We can provide control solutions for many different applications around a minesite. Air compressors, gas compressors, crushers, screeners, generators, lightingtowers, dewatering pumps, conveyor belts, excavators, and trucks can all be enhanced with ComAp’s state-of-the-art control products. We can even convert trains, trucks and on-site power generators to run on natural gas for a majority of their running time using our bi-fuel conversion system. If your mine is looking to capitalize on the use of renewable energy power generation, we have solutions for that too, including hybrid systems, which use a renewable source when it is available then automatically switching to a generator when the renewable source is no longer viable, (and then back again). You can even controland monitor many of our systems remotely using a smartphone, tablet or computer, using our AirGate and WebSupervisor programs.

No matter what you are mining, whether it is minerals, ores, oil, gas, or anything else, ComAp has a product that will help you make your mine more efficient, cost effective and productive. Coupled with our remote communication systems, our products can improve the efficiency of your mine, as well as giving you significant financial savings.

Mining - Multiple gen-sets in parallel to grid  - Remote monitoring and control via Internet
Mining - Dump Truck - Data Logging